What About The Sports Betting Market In India ?

There is no denying the fact that the sports betting industry has been growing multi-folds in the global market. It’s becoming more popular with every passing year and it is still expected to grow in the coming years. India is known for its love to bet on sports and this is mainly driven by cricket.

Betting Industry Will Be Regulate

While many of the locals believe that sports betting is illegal in India, its actually in the grey area at the moment. Indian laws dictate that betting on games of chances is what’s illegal and what isn’t is betting on games of skills and there are no particular ground rules that can clarify that whether sports betting is a game of skill or chance.

According to the constitution, the legislation and regulation of sports betting and other forms of gambling has been left to the prerogative of the states. And so, each state in the country has the power to decide whether such activities will be legal or not. There are already states in India that have gambling and batting regulations in place.

Online Betting Is Growing

There are a lot of people in India who love to gamble. Apart from gambling, India is also huge in sports and arguably cricket is the most loved sport in the country. Other known sports in the country include football, badminton, and hockey. The love for these sports is so big that it’s hard to just not wager on them. Another factor included as to why sports betting is huge in the country is convenience and availability. Nowadays, people have the option of placing bets anytime and anywhere they are thanks to smartphones and improved mobile internet connections.


With all that prediction, more gambling companies will likely want to immerse themselves in the Indian market. India’s population, a growing number of internet users, and the love for sports in the country are second to none and these are perfect ingredients to a successful sports betting market. There are reports that many UK gambling companies are already eyeing India to be the next big thing.

The numbers are saying it all and it is only a matter of time before the government will finally consider making gambling and betting legal in the country have a look at what’s happening. While the online betting market in India is huge, the underground betting market is still operating under the radar and the government will like to avoid it after the regulation of the industry. However, when it comes to when this will happen is still hard to predict at the moment.

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