What if Indian Card Game Become the Biggest in the World ?

A card game that is very well known by Indian gamers, though not well known anywhere else in the world, is aiming to take the globe by storm now that it is available for online play. The game in question is Teen Patti, a traditional Indian card game played by many people up and down the country, though most of that is done offline when gatherings take place between friends and family.

There has been a shift recently though, which is going to help this game not only attract new players in India, but also others from around the world, as they discover the game.

Rather than players joining together and playing when they meet, games can now take place at any time online. With the rise of online casino in India we are seeing a lot of people hold casino accounts and get involved in this style of gaming. Online gaming has the ability to change everything though, both in India and around the world.

How Online Gaming Will Grow Teen Patti in India

People in India want to find hobbies and pastimes to enjoy, and some already do that with Teen Patti. However, the way games are played offline is not very convenient at all, and generally, people will only play when they get together.

With so many other options for those who are going out, such as watching the stars of Bollywood perform and many other things, Teen Patti is not best placed to really grow and attract more people.

Online gaming changes that. It makes Teen Patti become more accessible, something that people can enjoy at home and also something that can be enjoyed without making plans with anyone else. Gone are the days where players only play when others are free, now a player can log onto the internet and play anytime they like, against people from other parts of India, and maybe even players from elsewhere in the world.

Can Teen Patti Go Worldwide ?

Teen Patti is popular in a few other Asian countries, but in other continents, there are very few people who will know about the game. Can the game grow in these other countries and attract players? That is certainly possible, and the reason for that is because people who play card games are always on the lookout for something new and exciting they can try.

In many ways, although Teen Patti has been around for many years, the timing of this move online, combined with the increase in people playing live casino games, means that this is the perfect time to try and grow.

A Threat to Poker?

There is another angle that could really help the game of Teen Patti grow around the world. This is to do with poker gaming, which is hugely popular, and something that many people both enjoy watching and playing.

Many describe Teen Patti as a simplified version of poker, and there are certainly similarities between it and poker. When you consider that there are some people out there who would like to play poker, but find the game a little too complicated, Teen Patti could step in and be the simplified version of the game that some people have been looking for.

There is definitely a place in the market for something like this. Whether the game can really threaten poker on the professional stage seems incredibly unlikely, but in terms of casual newbies looking to get involved, Teen Patti can offer a type of poker play that gives them a nice way in.

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