India People Using Internet With Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is game of bat ball and strategy that began in England in 18th century. Not all countries play it, though the number that officially play top level international cricket is limited. England, Australia, West Indies, and South Africa started playing cricket from early 20th century. Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Scotland, and UAE have all been part of international tournaments over two decades. United States also adopted the game since last few years. Currently, there are more than one hundred countries playing this sport and associated with the International Cricket Council the sport’s top Governing Body based in Dubai, UAE.

The Game of Cricket and Cricket Betting

International cricket is played in three formats. A five-day match called Test match; same day match comprising 50-over a side called One-day International; and 20-over a side called T-20 International are the three formats. T-20 is the latest and the most popular format over last five years and is the most popular format of the sport as far as betting is concerned. As in any sport, Cricket betting is what spurs fans interest in the sport.

Sports Betting in the Past

Betting in the past was managed by bookies who graduated from taking bets and playing the odds to actually manufacturing the odds through match fixing. Fearing a loss of confidence of spectators and advertisers in the game, the sport’s top governing body invested heavily in prevention and regulation of the betting environment wherever cricket was being played. This has played a lot of dividends in terms of the reduction of cases of match fixing though betting is still going strong. It is legal in some countries and is a grey area in some others.

Online Gambling in the Present Day

As computer literacy and technology expanded, and regulations and preventive measures proportionately expanded, cricket betting went online through casino websites. They offered inputs, UpToDate information, live odds, popular cricket bets, betting strategies and so much more. They also were easily accessible across devices, offered sign on bonuses and of course the option of handling bets in virtual currencies.

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