Most Popular Card Games in India

Playing games online is one of the IN things these days, mainly because of the increasing Internet penetration, lack of time, hectic lifestyle, integration of the social element in gaming which is taking the online gaming business to an extraordinary level.

While the rise of the Internet in India gave it the initial boost, the growth of smartphones and high-speed Internet on mobile phones took the online card gaming industry to a new peak altogether.

There would be different opinions about what are the best card games available online for Indians because every person has a preference for which card game they enjoy the most but the truth is that Indians love to play card games and now this love is slightly shifting but the difference is that they are playing the same old card games online.

Teen Patti

Whenever someone talks about card game gambling in India, Teen patti is the name that comes up immediately.

TeenPatti is also called Flash or Flush and is similar to some versions of Poker card games. Teen patti originated in India and is now a popular card game in entire South Asia.

Teenpatti is one of the most loved and played games in India during festivals and parties. In northern and central India, teenpatti is played a lot during Diwali season. While there are many mobile apps that offer TeenPatti card game in India, this game is not allowed to be played for real money in India.


Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India and is played by commuters in trains, friends on weekends and holidays, women in social parties, men in local clubs.

The most exciting thing about rummy is that the uniqueness it offers with each game and moreover the kind of skill that one has to apply to arrange the cards is just a great mix of skill and intellect.

In India, Rummy is the only card game that is legal to play for real money and already millions of users are playing rummy online for real cash.

Many websites and mobile apps offer an unlimited number of free rummy games so that users can get accustomed to the online version and look and feel.

Final Words on the most popular card games in India

From all the card games available for Indians, rummy card game becomes the top choice here because it is the game with which majority of Indians are familiar with, it can be played with only two players. When it comes to the Online arena, rummy also wins the race because there are many websites who offer amazing offers to play rummy for real money. So, when you have an option to play for free and still win real money, why not play rummy which is already a known game, popular game, fun, exciting and interesting.

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